Hey! This is me, Kate

I was born in Germany and raised in West Cork.
Cows were my neighbours and Fairies my friends.
I studied Fine Art in Cork City.
I am a crisp monster
I'm a social introvert

I'm obsessed with beautiful natural light.
I have a cat named Kitty and she is just like me.
I am living in the countryside together with my lovely man Fintan ( who is also an awesome musician and creates the most magic of soundscapes for all my behind the scenes videos)

Elly + Brendan

In the run up to our wedding the most frequent piece of advice we got from couples was “find a good photographer”. We were set on having photos that really captured the spirit of the day and importantly didn’t require us to smile and pose for hours on end for very traditional shots. We were so lucky to find Kate through her fashion photography work with a friend of ours. She immediately understood what we wanted and after that we sat back and let her creativity take over. Her reassuring and unassuming air means she perfectly blended in to our day and made everyone feel at ease. The result was a truly stunning set of photos that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. We couldn’t recommend Kate highly enough; her balance of professionalism, talent and warmth make the experience of working with her truly unique.

Cat + Frankie

I can't recommend Kate highly enough! From the first meeting she was a joy to work with and made us feel so at ease. We knew the end product would be beautiful but the photos go way beyond that. They capture the mood and celebration of the day in a way that takes us right back to every moment and let's us relive it again and again and again! Thank you so much for everything, your work is simply breath taking.

Ruth + James

"Her work blew us away and brought tears to our eyes each time. She manages to portray our emotions, our love, our connection in each image in such an extraordinary way. Kate is naturally talented, kind and humble. It has been our absolute pleasure to include her in the biggest moments of our lives. "

Fintan McKahey

I first started working with Kate Bean nearly 4 years ago, when I hired her to get shots for my website... As soon as I saw the results I immediately knew that this was the photographer for me. I was so impressed with her natural other worldly style, that I soon hired her to produce all the art work for my first record. Kate is much more than just a photographer, she is probably the most versatile visual artist I've ever met. Whether it be head shots/ poster design/ website graphics, or even providing me with multiple music videos, words can't describe how great it is knowing that you have a reliable professional ready to cater for all of your needs. I cannot recommend Kate Bean enough; she is the sweetest, most comforting person I've ever had to pleasure of working with. Her work will leave you speechless.

Alice Halliday

I’ve been working with Kate for years, and cannot recommend her highly enough. She’s the only photographer I choose, because she truly captures the ethereal style of my designs, so effortlessly and efficiently. Her use of natural light and ability to capture feelings and details is magical. We always have such fun creating together, she’s so enthusiastic and bubbly. Her work goes from strength to strength, each image is dreamy perfection. The only problem is choosing my favorite shots, because I want to share them all!