West Cork Newborn Photography Session

There are two main avenues people choose from when they are looking to get newborn photos. There is the studio/posed option, which includes a lot of posing, props, swaddles, and bean bags or there is the in-home lifestyle option, which is done in the comfort of your home and has a more organic and minimalist feel.

I love the second option because 1) my clients don’t have to worry about getting everyone ready and out the door to their studio appointment just a few short days after mama has given birth to a little human, 2) I am not a fan of lugging around an entire room of inventory and all the props are just not my jam, 3) I truly feel that home is where the heart is.

It evolves with your family, it is where you spend most of your time, it houses all these sweet memories and therefore it should be where more memories are made and documented, 4) when you have older siblings involved in the shoot, home is where they feel most comfortable (and where all their favorite snacks are). I could go on and on…