Last but not least, the pictures. Kate, the pictures!! Paul and I cannot thank you enough for all these treasures! I still can’t believe how absolutely gorgeous they are, how professional, how soft!!! We are getting so many compliments about how amazing they are, how rich the colours are, how you managed to capture really darling and unique moments we will treasure a life-time, like Paul’s dad dancing with his granddaughter 😭. I am attaching the one that really sums up the day for us – I saw it and it took our breath away (also because we know exactly which moment it was that you shot!). I am BROKEN UP that we won’t get a chance to employ you again (for a while, at least 😆) and we are recommending you left, right and center. You have such an eye for human warmth and you captured exactly how it felt on the day. We are very lucky we got to have you for our day.