Hi, I'm Kate!

I'm a photographer and a bunch of other things!
I grew up in the middle of nowhere, at the foot of a mountain, surrounded by fields and natural
scents. I am the trees and streams; I am bare feet, hair in the wind and forts in the forest.
Nowadays I keep living in the countryside with my love and my sweet four-legged fellow. I can
say I am a nature-spirited because what makes me really passionate about life is this connection
of us, human beings and the wild. The simplicity of messy hairs and dirty feet. Holding hands in
the sunrise and salty kisses by the sea.

What I do

Today I live the life I always dreamed with but never allowed myself to live. Being a photographer
is a dream to me; To capture the essence of an individual, the love of two engaged souls, the
adventures of two lovers, the bliss of a wedding day, the tenderness of a newborn, the harmony
of a family.
I love to capture humans in their natural state of being - No rush and full-feeling. I love to capture
indomitable souls like you, that feel the love in their veins and the frenzy of running in the hills
with the light hitting the cheeks. Those are the moments I love to capture - YOUR MOMENTS!

What I do is more than photography. It's emotion, love and magic!